The Best of…

Most Menacing Rogues Gallery Photo: Hungry Joe Lewis  (runners up: Dennis Carroll, Dave Cummings, Eddie Garing)

Worst to meet in a dark alley: James McMahon

Saddest Stories: (tie) Lester Beach, Berkeley Puseley

Worst specimen of humanity: Philly Pearson

Best legal use of criminal talent: Frank Aborn

Best prose sketch: Joe Gorman (written by James Lauren Ford)

Best pickpocket: John Larney

Best hotel thief: (tie) Red Heil, Jack Cannon

Best leader of a gang of crooks: Jimmy Hope

Best safe burglar: Max Shinburn

Best forger: Charlie Becker

Best machinist: Gus Kindt

Best sneak thief: (tie) Rufe Minor, Horace Hovan

Best reform: Billy Forrester

Most unlikely to reform: John Mahaney

Weirdest: William B. Towle

Most successful (wealth and/or fame and/or longevity): (tie) Sophie Lyons, Walter Sheridan, Charles Fisher, Abraham Greenthal

Most deserving of a romantic novel/movie: Little Joe Elliott