About This Site

This site is an experiment in historical research, using as its basis the landmark 1886 book by Chief Inspector Thomas Byrnes of the New York Police Department, Professional Criminals of America.

This site is intended to revisit those same profiles using genealogical information, government (court and prison) records, and newspaper archives to discover what, if anything, Byrnes missed in his sketches of the most infamous criminals of his age.

Several of the illustrations are reworkings of the “rogue’s gallery” photographs drawn by artist David Birkey. My thanks to David for his willingness to allow their use on this site.

For publication on this blog, I have not cited my source material (but can provide those on request). If this material is ever published in book form, those citations would be included as endnotes. Additionally, on Ancestry.com, I maintain a public tree named Professional Criminals of America used to explore the genealogy of these individuals.


–Jerry Kuntz             www.jerrykuntz.org        jpkntz@gmail.com