Companion Project Launched: Asbury’s “The Gangs of New York” Annotated

A little less than a year has passed since this blog completed the re-examination of Thomas Byrnes’ s 204 profiles found in his 1886 edition of Professional Criminals of America. Since that time, I’ve been working on other (still unfinished) extensive research into the balloon-parachute craze of 1887-1890s; but interest has drawn me back into the pastime of mini-studies of the lore of the underworld.

This time, I’m picking names and events out of Herbert Asbury’s classic 1928 book, The Gangs of New York. Although known best for its pre-Civil War accounts of Five Points gangs and their riots, Asbury’s full account had sections leading up the the 1920s, including the (well-researched) antecedents of modern organized crime. So in some chapters, Asbury covers some of the same criminals that Byrnes described.

This new project can be found at: Asbury’s “The Gangs of New York” Annotated. In the first three weeks, four blog entries have been added.