Seven Months and Seventy Criminals [Author’s Note]

Entering the month of July, 2018, I have been adding about ten criminal profiles per month. To date, seventy of the 210 entries in Byrnes 1886 edition have been updated. So far, my overall impression is surprise at the diversity of stories. Of the remaining 140 criminals, I expect to hit dead-ends with many–their names and arrests will not yield clues to their full identities. So the project as a whole is, perhaps, half-way done.

For my part, I need to take a short break. I have a full-length book written on a criminal mastermind who predates Byrnes tenure, and need to prepare that text for publication. Also, one of my recent entries took me down a fascinating rabbit-hole of research that may result in another book-length work.

Summarizing these individuals’ complete lives in mini-essays emphasizes their criminals acts, in contrast to the overwhelming percentage of their existence spent as prisoners. I’m not sure that doing time reformed any of them; but fear of doing more time reformed a few.

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